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The weather man on the television says we are going to have a heatwave this coming weekend! I should look for my sun tan lotion to protect my fur, but last time I used it a whole swarm of insects surrounded me and stuck to my fur and it took about a week before the stickiness all washed off! HMM, maybe I’ll just go and hide in the woods where the sun doesn’t shine!



Posted: March 31, 2013 in Woodland tales

Uhhhhhhh ……. Easter Sunday but a late night stuffing myself with chocolate eggs and I’m a rough bellied bear, forget hair of the dog, I need hair of the bear! ┬áMmm All all of my woodland friends gave me Easter presents but dare I say I’ve eaten too much. Another 5 minutes and I’ll feel much better. Mr Ostrich gave me a HUGE egg which really is bigger than my belly, so soon I will be deliriously happy … Catch up later on from your favourite loveable bear, Henrietta xxx

My two old teeth

Posted: March 28, 2013 in Woodland tales
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My two old teeth have been with me a very long time. Mr Fox the woodland Dentist tried to force them out with his pliers but I gave him a black eye before running off, he’s a horrible fox but I enjoyed clamping my jaw down on his furry paw, boy did he squeal! He thought he was taking my last 2 teeth well he certainly had a surprise when he realised how strong and jagged they were.